Recipes for a Healthy Complexion

Lemon Thyme Pumpkin Seed Raw Nori Rolls
Recipe by Pamela Thoring
Gf, nut free,Vegan - Makes 5 Rolls


1 ½ Cup Raw Organic Pumpkin Seeds (soaked 4-6 hrs.)

1 tbls. Sweet White Miso

2 Cloves Garlic chopped

2 tbls. Olive Oil

1 tbls. Fresh Thyme chopped

5 Sheets of toasted or raw Nori

Juice of ½ a lemon

Small bowl of water for rolling and sealing Nori rolls


Soak pumpkin seeds for 4-6 hrs. strain and rinse.  In a food processor combine all ingredients together stop and scape sides down do this 3 times total.  The constistincy should be like thick pesto.  On a cutting board, lay 1 Nori sheet down, take 2 tbls. Of pumpkin seed mixture laying it on the Nori sheet in one verticle row on one end then rolling it until it looks like a sushi roll. Dip fingers in water wet the seam of the roll and lay roll seam side down continue until you have used all the mixture.  Dehydrate @ 110 degrees for 12-14 hrs. 

Let cool for 1 hr. can be left out of fridge for up to a week in an airtight container.

NOTE: Depending on size of your food processor you may have to do the pulsing in 2 batches to get the right texture