boot camp for your skin!

PASC VIPs (that's you) $599 | Five 60 minutes sessions
Regular Price $650 | Five 60 minutes sessions

Nurture and prime your skin for optimal health with PASC's Skin Boot Camp!  Don't confuse the PASC boot camp with rough and tough.  The PASC Skin Boot Camp is a little different... Together, we'll work to get your complexion as beautiful and healthy as possible over a course of five months. The idea is to exfoliate, stimulate circulation, lift and tighten, and stimulate collagen production. Each month we have a set goal and different treatment.  

**Series must be pre-paid.  Appointments must be booked within a five month period.

Month #1: Deep Cleanse & Exfoliation This consists of several enzyme applications to help gently but effectively exfoliate and cleanse the skin lifting that dry thick layer of skin build up off.  You will notice your skin cleaner, clearer, and smoother. 

Month #2: Micro-Peel We love this treatment, because it is so effective and there is no down time.  Microdermabrasion is amazing for removing dead skin then we layer a progressive peel over that nicely exfoliated skin  and the results are stunning fresh glowing skin.

Month #3: Tone & Tighten Now that your skin has been buffed we add in a toning and tightening treatment with FSD/Photo-Micro Therapy, which uses a High Powered LED to stimulate collagen production at the cellular level.

Month #4: Plump & Build This month we focus on incorporating collagen and growth factors into the skin using collagen masksfor eyes and face.  Lymphatic drainage is added in as an Extra Benefit to detox the skin, delete puffiness,  and prepare your skin for month #5.

Month #5: Collagen Induction Therapy (Stimulating Collagen Production).  CIT has been around for a while in different forms-and it’s tried and true—research proves that CIT is an amazing NON-Invasive way of stimulating collagen and the skin's immune response with little to NO down time.  After this treatment we infuse the skin with growth factors, antioxidants, and collagen to enhance your results.

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