Pamela Thoring, Owner & Clinical Esthetician

Pamela strives to create a true healing experience for her clients

through the use of pure and natural skin care products and methods, as well as energetic therapies like Reiki and Acupressure. It is her goal to help her guests realize the possibility of healthy, vibrant, glowing skin.

Pamela is a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist having attended the Greenwood Academy of Hair and Skin in Washington State. She has over 17 years of experience in the skin care industry. Pamela’s journey in skin care has taken her to the Blackstone Wellness Center in Seattle, Washington, where she honed her Reiki skills; to Sager-French Salon in Beverly Hills, where she trained with celebrity hairdressers and nationally know brow arch artist, Damone; and to the Oasis Healing Center in Venice, California.

Pamela is certified in Advanced Acupressure Massage, Electrocosmetics, Oncology Skin Care and Acneic Skin Care. Additionally, she has taken classes at UCLA Extension for Advanced knowledge in skin care ingredients and takes continuing education classes/seminars annually to further her expertise in this ever changing skin care world.

Pamela’s passion for her trade and high standards will consistently bring you the most sophisticated products and treatments for your skin. 



Kasleigh Mina,  Esthetician

I thrive on seeing clients love themselves and I am honored to help them see their true potential. 

In 2009 I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Todd Thoring & Pamela Thoring in their Naturopathic Medical and Skin Care Center.  My experience at the center opened my eyes to the Naturopathic way of life.  I saw firsthand how a healthy lifestyle coupled with a well thought skin care program could dramatically improve lives.  I was hooked!  So I set off on my path to become an esthetician.  In 2014 I graduated from the Design School of Cosmetology in Paso Robles.  While there I took up an affinity for camouflage makeup artistry.  Helping people is part of my DNA and camouflage makeup helps clients regain confidence after traumatic injury.  Since graduation I’ve continued to take a variety of classes on skin care treatments and best practices, further honing my technique and skills as an esthetician.  Today, I’m proud to be back at Pacific Advanced Skin Care working under Pamela, providing sound and specialized treatments for our clients.  



Brittany Vega, Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional, Advanced Collagen Induction Therapist, Phlebotomist

My love for art, and helping people have finally come together, my job is my passion. 

Brittany (aka B) joins the PASC team as a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional and Licensed Phlebotomist. B also specializes in Advanced Collagen Induction Therapy also known as "Microneedling".  B entered the medical field in 2009 as a licensed phlebotomy technician.  

B  is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic professional CPCP certified through the Society of permanent cosmetic professionals with over 200 hours of fundamental training, 100 hours being required for certification.  B's list of certifications include:

  • Advanced color theory, the science of pigments, skin undertone, Li pigment brows and modifiers and color Corrections (Girlz ink Taryn Darling CPCP, October 2016)
  • Dermal Needling and Advanced Microneedling ( Dr Lance Setterfield, June 2017)
  •  Infection Control and Blood Borne Pathogens.

She is a talented and driven young woman who believes in continuing education and advancements in her field of expertise. B loves where she lives and enjoys being outdoors, spending time with her husband and American Bulldog.   

 Dr. Thoring

Dr. Thoring

Dr. Todd Thoring, N.D. 

PASC is committed to ongoing research and education for skin care in a clinical environment.

In this setting, you will find a knowledgeable staff trained by owner, Pamela Thoring, LE and Dr. Todd Thoring, N.D., who oversees the practice. Dr. Thoring sees patients out of his nearby office at Pacific Natural Medical Centre.