September is that time of year when we can’t believe summer is over. We want summer to last forever! We love summer so much we long to squeeze-in the last little bits of beach time. So in honor of feeling summer love forever, we have an extra special sugar promotion - Bikini Sugar specials and Face Fuzz Sugaring.

Not sure about sugaring? Take a look at this little infographic from Pamela.  


Sweet sugar promotion

At PASC we love sugaring so much we want everyone to try it.  

  • Bikini Line: $25 (the outline of the bikini area (think… martini glass)
  • French Bikini: $40 (think… landing strip)
  • Brazilian: $55 (think... smooth and soft as satin)
  • Face: $25 (add brows + $20)

Clean and Pristine Face Sugaring 

This is a great service and gentle too—If you have a little face fuzz and you want to try sugaring, you will be amazed at how soft and smooth your skin will be—gentler than waxing, sugar can actually reach the velus hair you can’t see yet. 


Product sale! 20 % off

Living Libations:

  • Yoni Petal Oil Blends:  Used to sooth your petals and firm the lady area

Rhonda Allison: 

  • Enzyme Masks: Choose from Brightening, Cherry, Tangerine Papaya, Pumpkin, Derma Peel
  • Antioxidant Serum: A yummy cocktail of antioxidants to support and create a healing skin barrier
  • Foaming Peptide Cleanser:  A rich cleansing formulation packed withAmaranth collagen building peptides, marshmallow root for lightening, and yogurt & goats milk with probiotics