March Facial Special - Reverse & Reset Facial

Don’t you wish we could turn back time, to reset your alarm, your perspective, or reverse the day you went hiking, swimming, or to the beach without using your sunscreen and hat? Good news! This month’s special helps you do just that. Curated by our talented esthetician, Kasleigh, us the all new Reverse & Reset facial. Reset your mind and reverse skin damage* with this short, sweet and very effective treatment.

Treatment Highlights:

  • 8% or 15% Mandelic Acid added for brightening,
  • Derma filing for lifting dead skin
  • Fruit enzyme for gentle exfoliation
  • Hibiscus flower mask for brightening and lifting melanin—finishing with the “Ageless” serum, and Mandelic Hydrator.


Reverse & Reset Facial
40 minutes | $68 - Add on Extractions | $18

Special good thru now until March 31, 2018

Love, Pamela and PASC team