June Facial Special - Mitoprotect DN-Awake Facial
50 minutes | $87

This PASC custom facial aims at energizing, stimulating, and restoring skin to it’s optimum state of health and activating the skin’s own healing mechanisms for prolonged vitality. Using lactic acid to break down sebum, we then add in two enzymes to help loosen dead skin build up, next a dose of antioxidants and growth factors to nourish exfoliated skin. A rich hydrating mask will lock in moisture and we finish with a red algae and hyaluronic serum that protects and activates healing and regeneration. 

All sunblock 20% off for the month of june!!

Gone are the days where our only option to buy sunblock was at the drug store. There are so many awesome sunblocks for sale that are not only great at doing their job, but great for your skin and the environment. Sunblock is a year round necessity, but for whatever reason come summertime, the shelves are stocked with commercial brand sunblocks that aren't good for you. So before you reach for a chemical ridden sunblock on a sale shelf, read this article I wrote - Fast Facts on Sunscreen - and then stop by PASC to be educated on making the right sunblock choice for you skin type.

PASC has every type of sunscreen for your vacation or daily activities.



With a combination of very unique ingredients in just the right balance to give skin an extra edge in the aging business, Peptide 38 offers skin continued rejuvenation support, using the most cutting-edge technology of next-generation peptide formulations to create one of the most powerful peptide complexes to date. This peptide filler will instantly make skin feel plumper and more buoyant while smoothing and hydrating skin for a more youthful look.