Fall on the Central Coast has arrived!

Though we're still waiting for cooler temperatures, the days are shorter and pumpkin ingredients are everywhere including some of our favorite skin care products. Scroll down to check out our pumpkin product special - good while supplies last!

Every fall I bring back the peel specials because fall and winter are the best times to do any sort of peel. We're spending less time in the sun, and more time getting read for all things holiday. To start off the holiday season right, PASC has a few specials to get your skin looking great.

Post-Summer Peel

If your skin just needs a little extra help buffing epidermal build up this is the treatment. The post-summer peel is a client and staff favorite because of its efficacy with little down time. There will be a light sloughing of skin over 7-10 days (only noticeable by you). The peel is a progressive peel with microdermabrasion. The results are stunning -- your skin will feel and look noticeably smoother, brighter and plumper. 

Post-Summer Peel $99 | 55 minutes

Extractions not included. If you want extractions use our “Add On’s” to book the time. 

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Post peel is the best time to apply peptides. The old skin has been sloughed away and treatments are more effective because they can properly penetrate into the epidermis. Peptides are used to trick your skin into thinking that it has lost collagen and needs to make more -- so let’s get started.

PASC Peptide Treatment

This original PASC treatment uses steam and a gentle enzyme to awaken the skin. A stimulating shiatsu massage stimulates blood flow and lymph. A series of peptides and antioxidants are applied and then penetrated with the Ultra Sonic treatment. Then we use a collagen/peptide mask with our LED panel to further stimulate collagen and to help build the epidermal barrier. The results are plumper, tightener and healthier looking skin.

PASC Peptide Treatment Peel $99 | 50 minutes

Extractions not included. If you want extractions use our “Add On’s” to book the time. 

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$20 off when you prepay and book both treatments at once.

25% off All Pumpkin Products

Save big this month on all pumpkin products. Stock up on Rhonda Allison Pumpkin enzymes, toners and cleanses, and on the Sweet & True Daily Mantra packed with pumpkin antioxidants.


RHONDA ALLISON Growth factor serums - 25% off


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