Skin Care Defined

This month's facial specials have a plethora of ingredients that aren't discussed too often in conversation.  So here they are defined...

L-Lactic Acid: Derived from sour or fermented milk, lactic acid is a popular beauty aid for those seeking to improve their skin's texture and hydration level.

Ananas Sativus Fruit Extract: Ananas satius is PINEAPPLE.

Kojic Acid: Is a fine white powdery substance composed of tiny crystals, derived from fermented Japanese mushrooms.  Works best for skin lightening.  

Melanin: The bodies naturally produced pigment.

Azelaic Acid: is naturally antibacterial which makes it a great treatment for acne. When applied topically, it reduces the growth of bacteria in a follicle, helps to reduce inflammation and remove dead skin cells to prevent future acne breakouts.

L-Arbutin: originally derived from the Bearberry Bush, is extremely effective as a skin brightener. It reduces the appearance of dark spots or patches known as hyperpigmentation and evens coloration.

Flower Acid Peel Paste: Non-irritating, initiates cell renewal, while providing powerful healing and moisturizing support.